EcoTV June 2016 - Special 100th Issue - Part Three - 6/28/2016



Third and last part of this special edition of Eco TV. Let’s have a flashback. We started in June 2007 with a different layout. At the beginning, it was white and green. Then, it moved into pink. And finally, we have got this nice blue layout that you can see behind me. Regarding the journalists, Sybille Dehesdin started the show. Then, I had the opportunity to take over in April 2012. And we had some great replacements by Gaëlle Copienne or Vincent Touraine.


Regarding the structure of the show, we started in September 2014 a much more dynamic format in three parts: the “Focus”, the “Chart of the Month” and last “Three Questions to an Economist”.


More improvements, more innovations to come in Eco TV thanks to Michel Bernardini, the Project Manager at the Economic Department of BNP Paribas. See you next month for the summer edition of Eco TV with more surprises.