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Bank of Japan: limits to QE?   11/16/2018

The Bank of Japan introduced quantitative easing back in 2001 after having adopted a zero interest rate policy in 1999. Almost two decades later, inflation remains well below target despite a balance sheet which is now as big as Japan’s GDP.

Why is the Italian budget casting doubts?   11/2/2018
It's a first in EU history. A member State, and not a minor one, Italy, saw its budget plan rejected by Brussels.
ECB: still confident   10/26/2018
The ECB is still confident. That is the message from Mario Draghi’s press conference following the Governing Council meeting.
A new step for Greece   10/19/2018
In Athens, it sounds like a fresh start after several long years marked by the adjustment plans and inspection missions
South Korea: still a favorable outlook   10/5/2018
South Korea just signed a free trade agreement with the US, an additional evidence that geopolitical tensions gradually improve. Although the country will not be spared by the US-China trade war, the economic outlook remains favorable.
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On the Same Theme

Clearer skies but an uncertain horizon 4/16/2018
Seven years after Fukushima, Japan has seen a rebound in activity driven mainly by the international environment, but also by the expansionist policy of its Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Exports are running at full throttle, unemployment is down to a tiny proportion of the active population, and the stock market is nearing record highs. However, behind this economic upturn, the backdrop has changed little. Heavy, recurring public deficits, massive debt, low SME productivity, poor resource allocation, labour market duality, low female labour participation… the Japanese economy still faces a number of chronic problems at a time when population ageing is accelerating.
Japan, some success, albeit mixed 4/12/2018
The Japanese economy looks better, partly thanks to the Abenomics. Nevertheless, the main causes of weakness are still there.
Abenomics: A failure called too early 11/25/2016
Over the latest quarters, the Japanese economy sent positive signals. Growth accelerated, supported by domestic demand. The performance is striking, with a potential rate of growth closed to zero.
The end justifies the means 10/13/2016
Abenomics has been beefed up again. The government has announced new spending efforts and the Bank of Japan has made a firmer commitment to boosting inflation via new measures, notably by controlling long-term yields and the slope of the yield curve. The government and the monetary authorities are going all out to raise inflation expectations by being “credibly irresponsible” to use the words of Paul Krugman. The government more or less announced that cleaning up public finances could wait, while the Bank of Japan promised greater inflation. This should help strengthen the preference for the present, i.e. for consumption over savings.
The credibility of monetary policy: the case of Japan 10/11/2016
On two occasions this year, the Bank of Japan has made important changes to its monetary policy. However, the reaction of financial markets reflects scepticism about the chances of success.
Monetary policy: let's give it another try 9/23/2016
In order to boost inflation expectations and inflation, the Bank of Japan has made two changes to its monetary policy.
Keeping its word 9/23/2016
BoJ adopts new method. Credibility is crucial. This is probably the reason behind the co-existence of two redundant targets.
Economic policy in Japan: more of the same 7/15/2016
"Let's give it another try": government spending and more monetary easing to be used again in Japan to fight slipping confidence and low inflation.
Japan avoids technical recession 5/20/2016
According to its first estimate, Japan GDP was up 0.4% q/q in Q1 2016, this avoiding a technical recession, following Q4 contraction by 0.4%.

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