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TRANSCRIPT // EcoTV – January 2021 : January 2021

Growth in 2021 will be shaped by three main factors. Firstly, the pace of growth in China. Christine Peltier will be looking at this with us in our Focus. Then the pace of vaccination. William De Vijlder will discuss this in Chart of the Month. And lastly, what will we do with the debt accumulated last year to offset the loss of activity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? Jean-Luc Proutat will examine the European Union’s position on this subject.


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Chinese bond market: the participation of foreign investors 5/26/2021
Foreign investors have significantly increased their purchases of Chinese local bonds since Q2 2020, targeting sovereign papers particularly. In fact, foreigners are currently holding only 3% of the total stock of Chinese local bonds, but 10% of the total stock of central government papers. Foreign investors’ holdings of local bonds increased by RMB 120 bn per month in average from April 2020 to February 2021, against +RMB41 bn in the previous twelve months. This dynamic suddenly stopped last March. It should resume in the short term, yet without returning to the 2020 levels. Several factors account for these recent foreign investment flows: the increase in local yields and the widening spreads with US Treasury yields (yields on Chinese ten-year sovereign bonds rose from 2.5% in April 2020 to 3.3% in December, and have remained close to this level since then), appreciation of the yuan against the USD since May 2020 (temporarily interrupted in March 2021), the inclusion of Chinese government securities in key global bond indexes and, more generally, the financial market opening process implemented by the authorities.
Moderation 5/25/2021
According to the latest PMI numbers and economic data, growth in the Chinese economy has remained solid in the early part of Q2 2021, boosted in particular by exports. Activity in the domestic market lost a bit of steam in April, but is expected to bounce back again in the short term.
The rebound in economic growth has peaked 4/26/2021
Real GDP growth reached 18.3% year-on-year in Q1 2021 and 0.6% in quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted terms (according to China’s NBS). The latest activity indicators as well as our economic Pulse are strongly biased by major base effects between the first months of 2020 (when lockdown measures brought business to a standstill) and the first months of 2021.
Shifting towards a medium-term perspective 4/9/2021
At the end of the annual “Two Sessions”, China’s major political event, Beijing announced its economic targets for 2021 as well as the priorities of its new five-year plan. By setting this year’s real GDP growth target at simply “more than 6%”, which is lower than forecasts, the authorities are signalling that the economic recovery following the Covid-19 crisis is no longer the main focus of concern. In the short term, they will continue to cautiously tighten monetary policy and gradually scale back fiscal support measures. Above all, the authorities have affirmed their medium-term development strategy, which aims to boost innovation and drastically expand China’s technological independence.
Slight loss in growth momentum 3/22/2021
According to the latest indicators, China’s economic recovery remained strong over the first two months of 2021, although there was a slight slowdown in the domestic demand growth momentum... 
The tightening in credit conditions is a delicate exercise 12/17/2020
Economic activity has rebounded rapidly since March and has gradually spread from industry to services. Infrastructure and real estate projects continue to drive investment, but it has also begun to strengthen in the manufacturing sector as well, encouraged by solid export performance. Lastly, private consumption is still lagging, but yet has picked up vigorously since the summer. Whereas fiscal policy should continue to be growth-supportive in the short term, the monetary authorities are expected to adjust their priorities and return their focus on controlling financial risks. Credit conditions should be tightened slowly, especially via the introduction of new prudential rules. Corporate defaults are likely to increase alongside efforts to clean up the financial sector.
Continued momentum 11/20/2020
The latest economic indicators show that the recovery in Chinese growth continued to strengthen in October. As seen in our monthly Pulse, the expansion of the blue area compared to the dotted area shows a more widespread recovery in activity in August-October than in the three previous months...

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