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Uncertainty to continue to weigh on growth and vice versa 9/9/2019
Three key factors have characterised the summer months: more signs of slower global growth, more uncertainty and the promise of monetary easing to come. Based on the recent news flow, these themes will in all likelihood continue to dominate the remainder of the year.
Financial (in)stability: definition, drivers 9/4/2019
In this episode, William De Vijlder gives a definition of what financial stability is: not only does it create a favourable environment for the smooth functioning of the economy but it also helps absorbing shocks brought about by unforeseen events which put interconnected economic agents (companies, households, the public sector) at risk. He also reviews the four factors which make countries vulnerable and reveals how shocks (whether endogenous or exogenous) may deeply impact the economy. 
A brief history of financial instability 9/4/2019
2008 crisis was a major financial crisis but it was far from unique. William De Vijlder gives an account of some of the most significant economic crises with a particular focus on the 20th century. He shows how central banks tried to adjust to economic circumstances and fight financial instability. It is to be noted that financial stability has been one of the main concerns of central banks since the 2000s. The 2008 financial crisis reinforced the ambition of stability with notably the set-up of international organisations such as the FSB (Financial Stability Board) in 2009.
Central banks, inflation targeting and financial stability 9/4/2019
What is the position of central banks/organizations such as BIS (Bank for International Settlements), ECB (European Central Bank), the Fed (Federal Reserve) and the Bank of Japan on the issue of financial stability? In this last episode, William De Vijlder will focus on the Bank of Japan which has been conducting a policy of low interest rates for 20 years. Learning about the impact that such long-term policy has had on the Japanese economic agents is particularly relevant in our current low-rate environment.
The new crypto-currency "Libra" project 6/28/2019
The new cryptocurrency project – Libra – which Facebook plans to launch in 2020 raises several questions and requires an appropriate response from the regulator.
Policy uncertainty creates forecast uncertainty 5/24/2019
On the surface, the recently released forecasts of the IMF, the European Commission and the OECD look satisfactory, without being great. Upon closer inspection, unease dominates for a number of reasons.
Inclusive growth: the challenge at the country level 2/27/2019
Addressing inequalities is one of the core challenges for inclusive growth. This episode discusses why, within a given country, inclusive growth is key in tackling inequality and what can be done about it in terms of policy. Interview conducted with François Doux.
Globalization: an historical perspective 12/20/2018
First episode of three dedicated to Globalization. What made globalization possible?  In this first episode, William De Vijlder, the chief economist of BNP Paribas, distinguishes four drivers of globalization and discusses its limits. Interview conducted with François Doux.
Globalization today: from multi to bilateralism 12/20/2018
Second episode of series of three dedicated to Globalization. William De Vijlder analyses the transition from multilateralism to bilateralism, in the USA-China relations in particular. What are the consequences of growing bilateralism and uncertainty for trade, capital flows? Interview conducted with François Doux
Globalization tomorrow: the inclusion challenge 12/20/2018
Third and last episode of the series dedicated to Globalization. In past episodes its limits were mentionned, but what's new for the future of globalization? William De Vijlder discusses three levels of globalization sustainability:  inclusion, environment, financial stability – major challenges for economic policy. Interview conducted with François Doux.

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