Legal Information
March 2021

Company name: BNP Paribas SA
Commercial register [RCS]: Paris n° 662 042 449
Public limited company with a capital of: 2.499.597.122 Euros
Registered office: 16, Bd des Italiens, 75009 Paris
Legal representative: Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas
Publication Director: William de Vijlder, Group Chief Economist BNP Paribas
Contact: Michel Bernardini, site Manager
Hosted by: BNP Paribas SA, 16, Bd des Italiens, 75009 Paris.

ABOUT US Three teams of economists (OECD countries research, emerging economies and country risk, banking economics) make up BNP Paribas Economic Research Department.
This website presents their analyses.
The website contains 1707 articles and 390 videos