Climate change

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EcoTV Week
02/03/2023 • By Jean-Luc PROUTAT

Since 2005, the emission trading system, also called carbon market, is at the heart of the European strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This device that covers around 45% of carbon emissions is based on the simple principle of "polluter pays".

The entities concerned, mainly the most polluting industrial sites, but also the intra-EU airlines, are given emission allowances by public authorities. These are tons of carbon which they can emit into the atmosphere every year.

When they reach the limit, they have to obtain additional rights on the markets or bilaterally. This has a cost. So it is a financial incentive to adopt less polluting production methods based on renewable energies for instance.

EcoTV Week
12/01/2023 • By Jean-Luc PROUTAT

Europe is still well-placed in the race to adopt more environmentally-friendly lifestyles and to switch over to electric cars, despite being disadvantaged by its higher energy costs.