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In EcoFlash, an economist analyses the economic news of a developed country or of an emerging economy, a major event and its implications for the national or regional economy, or an ongoing transformation and its consequences in terms of GDP growth, employment policy, business investment dynamics, foreign trade and national, business and household debt.

Several EcoFlashes also look at the banking economy in order to provide expert insight into a decision or regulation, and its consequences for the local or regional economy.

EcoFlash provides analysis, using graphs and diagrams, of recent economic developments by focusing on all stakeholders (companies, institutions, investors, States, etc.). It looks at current economic and financial problems in all their aspects: economic crises and recessions, monetary policies (conventional and unconventional, in particular the effects of monetary easing or tightening), Government budgetary decisions and their medium- and long-term repercussions, the future of the European Union (Brexit) and the euro zone (new regulations, ECB guidelines, Brexit, etc.), issues linked to the climate and national efforts to combat climate deregulation (COP21, sustainable finance, etc.), the problems of unemployment and the labour market, purchasing power and household consumption, currency policy of monetary authorities (European Central Bank, US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, etc.), risks and opportunities for growth and the development of the banking sector, etc.