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What is an RSS feed ?

An RSS feed (or feed), acronym for Really Simple Syndication, is a standardized data format that promotes the distribution and exchange of frequently updated content on the Web.

An RSS feed allows you to follow a flow of information (news from a website for example) without having to go to the website concerned. The content of this RSS feed is indeed automatically generated accordingly to the updates of the related web site.

RSS feeds therefore facilitate the dissemination of information intended for Internet users in an automated manner and promote the syndication of content by allowing other sites to easily republish all or part of this data.

To be informed of news or upcoming events, simply insert an RSS feed into a compatible software and thus have all your sources of information. on one screen!

How to access an RSS feed?

There are several ways to access the RSS feed(s) from your computer.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you can:

  • use your email software and benefit from this information while you check your emails
  • use your web browser and display the various information streams in the form of a home page
  • use software that specializes in RSS newsfeed aggregation, also known as an RSS reader or news aggregator
  • take advantage of these news feeds on a smartphone via a dedicated application

In any case, simply indicate the URL address of the information stream that you wish to retrieve, by copying/pasting one of the addresses below.

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