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Singapore is a small territory with few natural resources. It enjoys a strategic geographical location in Asia and a world-leading, technically competent and productive workforce. Singapore ranks as one of the world’s most open economies and well-run states. Over the past decade, the focus of Singapore’s economic policy has shifted to maintaining its competitiveness in attracting trade and investment flows by building a more technology-driven, innovation-based growth model. Singapore’s real GDP growth has been more volatile since the early 2000s. Singapore is vulnerable to the impact of the US-China trade conflict and global trade weakening given its very high degree of trade and financial openness (exports represented more than 200% of GDP in 2019 and trade-related sectors account for more than 50% of GDP). The city-state then was very hard hit by the COVID-19 shock, with an economic contraction of -5.4% in 2020. However, Singapore’s strong macroeconomic fundamentals, with solid external and fiscal accounts, and sound policy management represent comfortable cushions against shocks.