Eco Week

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EcoWeek, the weekly Economic Research round-up, looks back on the economic and financial news of the past week.

In his editorial, the Chief Economist analyses a decision, event or trend, with the help of graphs. Topics covered include the monetary policy decisions of the main central banks, in particular their interest rate trends and decisions (monetary tightening, quantitative easing), the evolution of bond yields (in particular the German Bund, the euro zone reference rate and the United States Treasury), the main budgetary policy choices of developed (OECD) or emerging (China, India, Brazil and Russia, in particular) economies and their immediate and future effects on the countries’ economies, global trade and financial market psychology, etc.

The Barometer section provides a summary of the main economic indicators of a country or zone (United States, euro zone, France, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.), of global trade (e.g. volumes and new export orders, strains on value chains, Baltic Exchange Dry Index, freight rate, delivery times), of credit momentum in the euro zone (according to the European Central Bank’s lending survey), or uncertainty indicators (e.g. media coverage, dispersion indices, geopolitical risk index).

The Calendar section highlights the important dates of the coming week (expected economic data, central bank meetings, press conferences, publications, etc.) and the same updated data from the previous week.

In addition, EcoWeek provides a Market Review (money and bond markets, interest rates, currencies, commodities, performance by sector, oil prices, etc.), as well as an update of the economic scenarios for the United States, China, the euro zone and France. Lastly, economists provide regular commentary on forecasts for interest and exchange rates, as well as growth and inflation in several countries.