Special Edition

OECD, real estate, emerging countries… : the impact of rising interest rates


BNP Paribas Chief Economist William De Vijlder interviews Hélène Baudchon, Head of the OECD Economic Research team; Richard Malle, Global Head of Research at BNP Paribas Real Estate; and François Faure, Head of the Emerging Markets and Country Risk team. They take stock of the global economic situation against a backdrop of inflation, rising interest rates and monetary tightening by central banks. Are we coming to the end of this monetary tightening cycle? What are the impacts on economic growth and financial markets? Have official rates reached a peak in the eurozone or the United States? What influence has the rise in interest rates on the property market? What is happening in emerging countries? These questions will be addressed in three chapters. Enjoy your viewing!

00:10 Introduction

01:42 Monetary tightening: how successful? How painful?

11:21 What is the impact of financial markets on real estate?

22:05 Monetary policy in ermerging countries: first in, first out?