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Italy: employment continues to rise

Italy: economic indicators monthly changes

Household confidence has dropped slightly since April. This reflects a decline in purchasing intentions for durable goods and a deterioration in the outlook for unemployment. Nevertheless, the Italian labour market remains on track. Unemployment fell to 7.3% in August, its lowest rate in fifteen years. As a result of this drop, recruitment problems are intensifying: the proportion of companies citing labour shortages as a factor limiting production was, in Q2 2023, the largest seen since the early 1990s. Although the working population is far from having closed the gap between the levels seen in 2019 (the deficit was 1.3% in August compared to the peak in April 2019), employment has continued to rise very significantly. This has helped to raise the employment rate (to 61.5% for 15-64 year olds) to a level not seen in at least twenty years, the current statistics going back only to 2004).